Atheists in Kenya

God does not exist!

Why I am against the idea of GOD and Jesus

ImageSUPPOSE someone told you there is a fly in your cup of tea what would yo do? You would probably pour or sieve the tea. If you find no fly in your cup of tea, you can decide to keep quiet about it. Take your sweet tea. Suppose someone wrote a book saying that that the fly in that cup of tea was put in that cup by a supernatural being, and that the fly died in the cup because of our sins, and that only when we believe in that fly, shall we go heaven, what would you do?


Suppose further that many people believe the story, and decided to worship and praise the fly, for dying in your cup of tea, suppose many of your friends believe that they will heal when they pray in the name of the fly, wouldn’t you shout and tell people “Hey, i sieved the tea, there was really no fly you fools!” This is why i am very public about religion. It has made people believe in a fly that is really not in my cup of tea.

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3 comments on “Why I am against the idea of GOD and Jesus

  1. calipso
    May 5, 2014

    Believe it or not, God is real! Even the devil knows that God exists! the good thing with God is that, the more you doubt His existence, the more you see Him…My brother, Saul used to persecute the people of God and he never recognized God, but the same God made him change to become His apostle! The same God you’re doubting can make you become anything and you will know He is God! Let God be God and never question God please!

  2. njeridiva
    June 11, 2014

    Religious people just dont understand how ABSURD their claims appear to us.

  3. Ariadne
    July 1, 2014

    This is truly unfortunate. All this post does is show how absurd the religious claims of Christianity(although misrepresented) are from the writer’s point of view. It neither offers any arguments nor evidence…I mean is this what atheism has come to?religion bashing?how is this any different from what the “Bible thumpers” do? I was hopeful when I saw that Kenya has a community of “free thinkers”. But a look at some of the articles here has changed my mind.
    Another thing if I may, a quick look around has also shown the following to be true. The articles are written,they are read, the “free thinkers” agree and the “closed minded” theists disagree. But ultimately there’s no discussion no exchange of opinions, I mean what’s the point? With all due respect to the author, you write rather provocative articles but when people rise to the occasion there’s no response. If the point is to have a forum where dialogue is possible and the shackles of religion are broken then it doesn’t really seem to be working.

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