God seems powerless against Satan!

luciferLucifer started a war in Heaven as we were told in all the religious books and somehow that so called war persists even now. So tell me something, if this God/Allah/Yahweh/Jehovah cannot keep his angels under control and Lucifer took almost one third of them, what makes you believe that it can keep humanity under control?

Why do you think the so called omnipotent who could simply kill the devil and its wingy coup plotter with just one word like “die” can help humans? What was your god thinking before it created the devil when it knows already that this brother Lucifer will get tired of it sit tight head of heaven and plan a coup?

You remember “our lords” prayer?
You remember the part “As it is done on earth ,so also in heaven”?
I say to all of you religious people… you are all liars!!!
There is democracy on earth but a tyrant called god/allah/yahweh/jehovah in heavens according to you genocide manuals called holy books.

When is you god going to allow elections in heavens?



Having read the statement by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) with regard to the National Tetanus Vaccination campaign (http://www.kccb.or.ke/home/com/statements-com/press-statement-by-the-catholic-health-commission-of-kenya-kenya-conference-of-catholic-bishops-on-the-ongoing-national-tetanus-vaccination-campaign-in-60-districts-in-kenya/), we would like to state that the Catholic Church in Kenya is not an authority on matters of health in Kenya. We find it strange that of all the issues that currently face the country, including corruption, poverty and joblessness, the Catholic Church would purport to raise its voice on the noble cause of the Tetanus Vaccination campaign being spearheaded by the government.

The statement by the Catholic Church is a mockery on the Ministry of Health and the entire medical fraternity in Kenya. We know that the Catholic Church in Kenya has been against the use of condoms and other family planning methods, abortion, and therefore it is the one institution that has limited the freedoms of Kenyan women in regard to reproductive health; to this extend, they have no moral authority to give direction on matters of health in Kenya.

The Catholic Church cannot purport to be a voice on matters of Vaccination Campaigns in Kenya.

We would therefore like to state the following:

  • That the Catholic Church is not a key stakeholder in matters of health and other medical campaigns in Kenya. The ministry of Health should not feel compelled to include them in any campaign that touches on the health of the Kenyan people.
  • Any public awareness campaign on matters of health must not include the Catholic Church. The government should conduct its own awareness campaign, and have qualified medical personnel assist in such campaigns.
  • The allegations that the Catholic Church is making regarding Tetanus Toxoid vaccine (TT) being laced with Beta human chorionic gonadotropin (b-HCG) sub unit has to be verified by the relevant medical authorities. The Kenyan Government has the qualified personel to verify such information. The Catholic Church has no role in the matter at all.

Finally, the issue of Vaccination is not a moral issue. It is a medical issue. If the Catholic Church was so concerned with the sanctity of Life and the dignity of the human person, it would focus more on poverty and other social ills that bedevil the country, instead of hiding behind a Tetanus Vaccination Campaign to propagate its conservative worldview.

Harrison Mumia

PRESIDENT, Atheist In Kenya

Humans are a small stage in the evolution process!

evolutionWe humans are a small stage in a long process of evolution. We like to think we are the culmination of the process but we are not. We evolved, we thrived for a while and we will pass away to be superseded by something else.

If history tells us anything, it is that no species survives forever. We live on a changing planet which is subject to deadly threats from within and without. The deadliest threat will not extinguish a few thousand species–it will extinguish them all. That threat arises from the death throes of our sun.

It is vanishingly unlikely that we will be around to witness it but here, Christopher Hitchens describes what we think will happen.

Beautifully narrated with beautiful graphics.

How god Planned To Make Us Suffer!

lucifer1I understand God created angels as his errand-boys and he gave them free-will. Unfortunately, one angel, despite inhabiting heaven with the living God, decided to rebel. His name was Satan and he has been causing problems ever since.

Should we blame God for Satan? Well, God is omniscient so he knew Satan would rebel and get up to his antics… and God could have decided to create all the other angels but not Satan. Consequently, we have to conclude that God WANTED Satan around doing his dirty tricks.
Satan’s dirtiest trick of all was to persuade Eve and her boyfriend to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. This one deed had us evicted from paradise, brought sin into the world and condemned us all to die. The suffering that flowed from this one dirty trick is immeasurable but it follows, as sure and night follows day, that God wanted all these bad things to happen. It was all part of God’s plan.

So you can believe in a God that positively wanted to see humans suffering by their billions or you can conclude the entire story is a badly conceived fairy tale.
I know which I find more credible.

The Difference Between A ‘Saved’ Thief And An Atheist Thief!

The ‘saved’ thief experiences an ecstatic happiness which can never come to the honest atheist: he is tempted to steal again to repeat the glorious sensation. But if the atheist steals he has no such happiness. He is a thief and knows that he is a thief. Nothing can rub that off him. He may try to sooth his shame by some sort of restitution or equivalent act of benevolence; but that does not alter the fact that he did steal; and his conscience will not be easy until he has conquered his will to steal and changed himself into an honest man.

What is god?

god-is-confusedGod is an immensely powerful imaginary friend who always listens to you, is always sympathetic and always loves you.

He often helps with the small things in life but can go missing when you’re in serious trouble.
He befriends those whose family members are also friends.

He avoids those whose families have different imaginary friends and those who prefer their friends to be real.

Watch K24 TV tomorrow (22nd) at 7.00 am.

Friends (and enemies), I shall be on #K24 tomorrow (22nd, July) at 7.00 AM in the morning discussing #Atheism. Focus shall be on the mushrooming churches in Kenya and how they take advantage of ignorant poor Kenyans. I invite you to tune in and watch this interesting talk. This was a short notice, but I would like to go with an atheist lady to this show! If you are willing, please call 0717 11 00 66.